a moody nineteen year old. I have mini heart attacks when I see meat. I speak words like a machine gun shoots bullets. I talk too much. I think too much. I obsess too much. I try not to reblog that much, so my blog's pretty boring, unless if you're my fan or stalker. since all of you are my fans, the probability of this blog being boring is non existent anymore. cause let's face it, who doesn't love leni?:)


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)

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The quote “we accept the love we think we deserve” is so over used, but I think it’s because it’s so true. So many people think they’re worthless and will settle for mentally or physically abusive love. It’s so sad that people don’t see how beautiful they are. Everyone deserves someone who loves them the right way.

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I think the root of all problems in the whole world, is that we are overpopulated..by assholes. yes, it’s no 1. puberty, war, corruption, aids(?) etc etc etc are just next to it. I just solved the biggest dilemma right then and there. 

I despise assholes. I am friends with assholes. I live with an asshole. I can be an asshole. Even I have an asshole. There are times when I just can take it anymore, and I refrain from pooping just to avoid an interaction with an asshole. too much information? nyay. I guess all of us have an inner asshole-ness inside, even Gandhi I think is a friggin asshole for having how many wives, I guess that’s the point of having an asshole, to remind us that we are literally, an asshole. In conclusion, we can have world peace and everything nice in this world, if we refrain from pooping to avoid interaction with our asshole, in order for our inner assholeness, not to go out. The devil’s the shit people, the devil’s the shit. Good night.


All rights reserved by Janelle Cordova


All rights reserved by Janelle Cordova

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just realized that almost all my posts are about sex, drugs, and more sex. :|  as if I get any of that. “omg leni your posts in tumblr are so hardcore, you must be so hardcore you party with snoop dog” meh. Well come to think of it, a lot of people do say a lot of horse sh*t about me like I’ve been doing this and that,and doing who and who. like wow that’s lot of activities. how did I find time to do all that? must be squeezing those between (my  religiously playing of) stylista and  my parks& rec, and SATC marathons.lol.  so guys,”bunjing ako, idol ko asta subong si jolina magdangal”.

I think I should be refraining from this”hardcore” posts and reblog a lot of babies, unicorns, bible quotes, jolina magdangals, kris aquinos, etc etc etc to balance this hardcore-ness out. 





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